What's that ? Version 217 ?!
December 17, 2007 10:05PM
Yes it is, and it contains many bug fixes along with the retro feature "Just add files to the playlist".

Enjoy the holidays and 217 !

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Re: What's that ? Version 217 ?!
December 19, 2007 06:23PM
To little, to late. :-(
Re: What's that ? Version 217 ?!
January 06, 2008 07:18PM
clap clap clap clap
Re: What's that ? Version 217 ?!
January 09, 2008 03:40PM
Perfect! Thanks!
Re: What's that ? Version 217 ?!
January 28, 2008 12:57AM
Ei please don't let the CoolPlayer Die please!!!

WMA on vista64 don't work sad smiley why can you help me?
Re: What's that ? Version 217 ?!
January 28, 2008 05:50AM
I'd Love to see a global Hotkey Modifier that would always control coolplayer functions, regardless of the current Focus within the GUI of the OS, or weather coolplayer was minimized even.
example: WIN+B (where WIN is the WINDOWS Key, and is being held down as the B key is struck) to jump to next file.
Ive tried to impliment this functionality off and on over the years and its very hard (for me that is) even using Autohotkey.
anyway thanks for any info,

::CoolPlayer User Since MP3's appeared on the net::
Re: What's that ? Version 217 ?!
January 29, 2008 12:06PM
I'm sorry to mention this again, but I think that it would be important to focus on the exploit I mentioned before. This issue can compromise the machines of the users.

Best regards and congratz for the program.
Re: What's that ? Version 217 ?!
January 29, 2008 12:40PM
thanks fear for the security report. i did note this at the time
and was not aware of it before.

i found the exploit on another website too, and it advises
to only use m3u files from trusted sources. i hope this
will do until the update.

dont get me wrong on this, but as its a security issue it needs
to be corrected with extra care. but i havent had time to work coolplayer for a
Please Please don't let the CoolPlayer die, it's the best mp3 player avaible please, can i help on something?

I think cool player need better wma support native support, not via plugin,

x32 x64
Re: What's that ? Version 217 ?!
March 22, 2008 02:43PM
hi conguito !

if you are a developer, fixing some of the reported bugs and providing
patches will be absolutely great !

have a good day
Re: What's that ? Version 217 ?!
April 07, 2008 08:39AM
Nice to see a new version of CoolPlayer but you should work on it more and make more updates anyway don't make it a big shit like Winamp is, stay minimalisticn in my opinion a perfect mp3 player needs just to play .MP3 really good, be fast and have a really really good playlist!!!
I had almost given up hope. smiling smiley
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