209 - hot off the press
February 21, 2003 03:46PM
Get the latest 209 for some bug fixes and support for ID3v2 tags. Also there is a new TrackLength column in the playlist. One final thing is the Background loading of ID3 tags - this will be good for all those people who have '000s of files in their playlists but don't want to wait for CP to load all of their tags winking smiley

From the changelog;
+ Fixed minimise and maximise on playlist
+ Added support for ID3v2 (read and write)
+ Fixed systray tooltip icon not showing artist and song title
+ Fixed some memory bugs (would have shown up as occasional crashes during closedown)
+ Fixed problem resizing the last column
+ Added background load of ID3 tags (this will prevent the delays on loading huge playlists)
+ Added track length to playlist - right hand click in the track's "Length" column to (re)calculate (these are stored in the ID3v2 tag)
+ Fixed track stack advancing over the next song if you remove the current song from the playlist
+ Fixed the volume setting to 100% at the start of every song (affected only a few soundcard/driver combinations)
+ Fixed occasional POP between songs (in OGG and MP3)

Enjoy ))
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