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CoolPlayer 207

Posted by MarcusO 
CoolPlayer 207
February 17, 2003 03:55PM
New release of Coolplayer with a few nice things fixed/added.

From the release notes;
Version 207
+ Added "TrackStack" - right click in the track's "Stack" column for advanced play options
+ Fixed Mixer selection code (for volume control) should now affect the MASTER volume for the output device
+ Skin state no longer resets when you close the options dialog
+ Hitting the PLAY button during pause will now unpause
+ Added support for multimedia keyboards (also made the "PAUSE" button work on normal 102key keyboards)
+ Added support for "live" EQ changes - but only on the Cooler Wave mapper output device
+ Increased buffer size for the Cooler Wave mapper (will reduce skipping on slower systems)
+ Fixed (and improved) the rotating systray icon
+ Middle clicking on the systray icon now toggles pause state (if playing)

Enjoy ))

Re: CoolPlayer 207
February 18, 2003 12:40AM
I take it all back.

You guys did good.

In fact, you guys did GREAT.

I have only one minor nit: on occasion I get a pop between gapless OGGs (they were created using the new release of AudioGrabber with the custom OGG .dll).

This seriously kicks that half-baked junk known as Foobar right out of the current space / time continuum (and several others to boot).

Not that this was such a stretch to do...

Thank You.


"Faith manages."
- jms
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